Corporate Philosopy - JGC Group

The JGC Way

As a member of JGC Group, JGC Malaysia is proud to announce of its new corporate philosophy "The JGC Way" which was established on January 1, 2017.
This new philosophy is intended to provide a common platform on what should we aspire to achieve through our business activities and how should we go about realizing these aims.

The fundamental platform of “The JGC Way” are as described below: 




We are committed to creating a more prosperous future for our clients, for people and for society through integrating our core capabilities and technical expertise to generate innovative solutions.



We are driven by our shared values and commitments. These elements express our strengths and represent the basis for how we work and deliver solutions to our clients and stakeholders:

Shared Values

Challenge      We venture into new business fields, overcome technical hurdles and establish innovative methodologies.

Create           We remain dedicated to the developing results-focused, thoughtful solutions that fully meet the needs of our

                      clients and benefit society as a whole.

Integrate        We bring together a wide range of technologies, innovative tools and a diverse team dedicated to increasing

                       value to all stakeholders.

Deliver           We commit to overcoming obstacles through diligence and our “never-give-up” philosophy, and to delivering

                      quality products and services to our clients and society.

Professional Commitments
Respect         We undertake to foster mutual respect and support among all those involved in our activities and to emphasize

                      the importance of safety for all.

Integrity        We pledge to maintain the highest ethical standards in everything we do.



We bring a new generation of innovation solutions to the energy and infrastructure industries by utilizing our core competencies in engineering and project management.


JGC Group Corporate slogan

Engineering the Future

Our corporate slogan - "Engineering the Future" - is an easily understandable expression of our intention to share the benefits with society as we execute business as the JGC Group under the banner of "The JGC Way".  It expresses our eager hope to create a bright future for society and the earth through engineering services.