Principles of Business Conduct - JGC Group

As a member of JGC Group, JGC Malaysia is committed to conducting its business in compliance with ethical standards and procedures of the Group. For the long-term stability of the JGC Group and for its further growth, each person working, from director to employee, full-time or part-time, is required to keep in mind clear principles of business conduct and perform his or her daily activities in compliance with such principles. Through continued stable operations, JGC Group achieves its Corporate Philosophy by maintaining and honoring the following principles derived from the previously stated "Core Values":


Decision-making: Highest ethical standards and sense of legal responsibility

  • Behave in accordance with the highest ethical standards, and in a socially acceptable manner.
  • Understand the requirements, and observe the laws, regulations and rules, of the business conducted.

Conduct: fairness and transparency

  • Be fair, honest and transparent at all times in conducting business.
  • Maintain Integrity in all the relationships that constitute the business being conducted.

Corporate atmosphere: Progressive spirit and open mind

  • Maintain a progressive sprit not restricted merely to established business practices, and behave at all times with a sense of innovation and improvement not limited to traditional practices.
  • Based on a will to achieve objectives, devote oneself to the maximum extent possible as an individual and to the team.
  • Through free and aggressive exchanges, strive to enhance the intelligence of the organization.

Corporate direction: Establishing client satisfaction and earning society's trust, developing our business through coexistence with society

  • Gain the trust of clients and shareholders by performing faithfully and by providing an adequate level of information.
  • Direct efforts at providing reliable services and products that satisfy the client's needs.
  • Seek corporate growth together with the development of society, in the knowledge that without prosperity of society the JGC Group will not grow.