30 Million Man-hours without LTI

On 3rd October 2015, JGC Malaysia clocked 30 Million Man-hours without LTI on the PETRONAS LNG Train 9 Project. This significant milestone was achieved by the collaborative efforts of approximately 6,000 active employees on the project.

The achievement of 30 Million Man-hours without LTI is a clear indication that safety remains a value in Train 9 Project and further supports the notion that the project’s safety culture has gained maturity – made possible by JGC Malaysia’s relentless pursuit towards Incident and Injury Free (IIF) work environment.  This achievement is also the result of a strong conviction that it is possible to construct a world class LNG facility without injury.

A commemorative event to recognize and celebrate the achievement of 30 Million Man-hours without LTI was held on 28th November 2015. Whilst celebrating its achievement, the Project Management Team took the opportunity to remind the workforce to ‘keep their eyes on the ball’ – to look out for hazards that are inherent towards the finishing stage of the project.

The project is currently campaigning on ‘finishing strong’ which means each and every employee completing the project safely, successfully and ‘going back home happily’ in line with JGC’s corporate motto, ‘Work Safely, Go Home Happily’.  To ensure that the objective of the campaign is strongly imprinted into the hearts and minds of the workforce, a ‘Human Smiley’ was formed.  The ‘smile’ was chosen as the motif for the campaign as this would be the expression on the face of the employees as they complete the project safely and successfully.

‘Human Smiley’ – Work Safely and Go Home Happily