Petronas LNG Train 9 Project Safety Day Achievement – 20 Million Man Hours without Lost Time Injury (LTI)

JGC Malaysia has on 14 May 2015, accomplished another significant milestone in terms of its stringent Safe Working Policy by achieving 20 million man hours without Lost Time Injury (LTI) under its Petronas LNG Train 9 Project, reflecting the company's commitment to ensuring that the safety of our workforce remains our highest priority.

The company has consistently and will continue to demonstrate outstanding safety performance through its Safe Working Policy in all its operations and projects and will ensure safety will not be compromised in the completion of the project. 


JGC Safety Day 2015 in Bintulu, Sarawak on 14 May 2015

1.  Mass Tool Box Meeting (TBM)

Mass TBM-1_0.JPG     Mass TBM-2_0.JPG

Mass TBM-3_0.JPG


2.  Smile Walkthrough

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3.  Lunch with our VIPs - The Workforce

      Lunch with VIP-3_0_0.JPG     

Lunch with VIP-2_0_0.JPG


4.  Safety Forum

SafetyForum-1_0.JPG     SafetyForum-3_0.JPG



5.  Sponsor's Dinner on 13 May 2015


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Dinner-5_0.JPG     Dinner-3_0.JPG